8th Rifle Brigade - from Normandy to the Baltic - June 1944 - May 1945


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Name Rank
(as last held or known before 8 May 1945)
Given nameCristian name(s)InitialsArmy numberPlatoonCompanyKIA (or died)
Dates based on CWGC-data, locations on TP.
AbbsLance CorporalH.F Coy.
AbrahamsSergeantJ.F Coy.
Abrahams*RiflemanJosephJ.685701515 Pl.H Coy.Thursday, 17 August 1944, Argentan-Falaise Road (France), age 22.
wAcklandRiflemanS.6912389H Coy.
Adams*LieutenantR.B.M.187841… Pl.F Coy.
AeriowitschH Coy.
wAffleck*RiflemanD.692318414 Pl.H Coy.
AgateRiflemanA.E Coy.
wAgombarRiflemanR.17 Pl.E Coy.
AlderS.E and H Coy.
AldersonRiflemanC.F Coy.
wAldred*SergeantJ.D.6969107HQH Coy.
AlldenH Coy.
AllenF.H Coy.
Allwinkle*Lance SergeantR.G Coy.
Amer*Lance CorporalJohn ThomasJ.T.5571014F Coy.Tuesday, 1 May 1945, Sahms (Germany), age 24.
AndersonD.H Coy.
AndersonG.H Coy.
wAnderson*H.E Coy.
Anderson*LieutenantMichael CharlesM.C.296781F and G Coy.Sunday, 3 September 1944, Brussels (Belgium), age 19.
wAndersonRiflemanS.6348339H Coy.
AndrewsRiflemanA.F Coy.
AndrewsRiflemanF.F Coy.
wAndrews*RiflemanR.16 Pl.H Coy.
AndrewsLance CorporalS.E Coy.
AnthonyRiflemanH.E Coy.
Anthony*RiflemanN.G Coy.
Archer*RiflemanFrederick George Herbert HenryF.G.H.H.6915018F Coy.Tuesday, 1 May 1945, Luneburg (Germany).
wArnoldRiflemanF.6913433F Coy.
ArrightRiflemanF.E Coy.44 Chiltern View, Letchworth, Hants.
Arrowsmith*CorporalAlbert ThomasA.T.5255604E Coy.Friday, 30 June 1944, Hill 112 (France), age 29.
AsheJ.H Coy.
AshtonRiflemanK.E Coy.
AskewRiflemanF.F Coy.
Atherton* (REME)CaptainA.D.B.244524
AtkinsRiflemanR.E and H Coy.
Ault*CorporalR.H Coy.
AumeyerRiflemanW.E Coy.
Austin*Lance CorporalA.W.G Coy.
AustinRiflemanC.E Coy.
AustinG.B.H Coy.
Austin*SergeantW.A.G Coy.
AyresRiflemanF.F Coy.
AyresRiflemanS.E Coy.
Bagley*CorporalH.G Coy.
BaglowLance CorporalF.F Coy.
wBailey*RiflemanD.E Coy.
Bailey*RiflemanR.G Coy.
Bailey*RiflemanPhilip John JamesP.J.J.6846909F Coy.Friday, 6 April 1945, River Weser (Germany), age 25.
wBaker*Lance CorporalF.634865516 Pl.H Coy.
wBaker*RiflemanG.19 Pl.E Coy.
BakerH Coy.
BakerRiflemanS.F Coy.
BakewellT.W.H Coy.
Balaam*RiflemanDouglas William HerbertD.W.H.14410082F Coy.Wednesday, 28 June 1944, Gavrus (France), age 20.
Balbi*RiflemanJosephJ.D/3921717 Pl.E Coy.Monday, 7 August 1944, at sea (ship sunk whilst evacuated), age 39.
Balchin*Lance CorporalRobert JohnR.J.142204697 Pl.F Coy.Monday, 26 June 1944, Cheux (France), age 29.
wBaldwin*, MMSergeantG.W.6915249G Coy.
Ball*LieutenantA.H.304395H Coy.
BallsR.P.H Coy.
BanfieldG.A.H Coy.
Bangs*RiflemanR.F and G Coy.
BarberSergeantW.F Coy.
wBarber*RiflemanW.E Coy.
BarberW.H Coy.
BarkerRiflemanH.F Coy.
wBarlowSergeantH.19 Pl.E Coy.
BarnesRiflemanC.E Coy.
BarnesRiflemanL.F Coy.
Barnes*RiflemanTom / “Binnie”Thomas JosephT.J.692174913 Pl.H Coy.Saturday, 23 September 1944, Vlierden (Holland), age 23.
BarretRiflemanW.A.F Coy.
Barrett*RiflemanV.G Coy.
BarronCorporalR.F Coy.
Barrowclough*RiflemanJ.G Coy.
BarryCorporalJ.F Coy.
BarterRiflemanF.B.F and H Coy.
BartlettRiflemanR.E Coy.
BartlettRiflemanWilson Clifford GeorgeW.C.G.14416730F Coy.Saturday, 19 May 1945, age 20.
wBarton*, MMSergeantH.6915254F Coy.
BartonRiflemanJ.H Coy.
BartrumCorporalA.F Coy.
BashamRiflemanV.F Coy.
BassRiflemanJ.F Coy.
Bassett*RiflemanD.G Coy.
Bassett*RiflemanL.G Coy.
wBatchelor*RiflemanS.J.16 Pl.H Coy.
BatesLance CorporalS.E Coy.
Batey (ACC)PrivateJ.F Coy.
BatkinRiflemanE.E Coy.
BattleyRiflemanJ.F Coy.
wBattson*Rifleman14 Pl.H Coy.
Baylis*Lance CorporalA.G Coy.
Beaby (ACC)CorporalS.F Coy.
Beadle*CorporalH.8 Pl.F Coy.
Beard*RiflemanAlbert HenryA.H.69195547 Pl.F Coy.Monday, 26 June 1944, Cheux (France), age 32.
BeasleyCorporalK.F Coy.
Beaumont*Corporal“Berty”D.13 Pl.H Coy.
Becke*LieutenantMichaelM.296736F Coy.Thursday, 30 November 1944, Swolgen (Holland), age 21.
BeckerLance CorporalS.F Coy.
BeeleyA.H Coy.
Beer*CorporalCharles JamesC.J.685328016 Pl.E and H Coy.Tuesday, 17 April 1945, Barum (Germany), age 31.
Bell*, MCMajorNoelGeorge NoelG.N.145488G Coy.
wBellamy*RiflemanV.634859415 Pl.H Coy.
wBelson*RiflemanW.G.16 Pl.H Coy.
Benad*RiflemanA.G Coy.
wBennett*, MMCorporalF.525502514 Pl.H Coy.
Berghout*C.H Coy.
Berry*RiflemanGeorgeG.1443511813 Pl.H Coy.Friday, 6 April 1945, River Weser (Germany), age 19.
BernardiV.H Coy.
wBertrand*Lance CorporalB.14 Pl.H Coy.
Berwick*RiflemanF.G Coy.
BestRiflemanL.F Coy.
BevanRiflemanF.F Coy.
Beviss*RiflemanFrank EdwardF.E.69692757 Pl.F Coy.Monday, 26 June 1944, Cheux (France), age 24.
wBillingtonRiflemanF.6971165F Coy.
Billyard*RiflemanG.G Coy.
BindleyLance CorporalG.E Coy.
Binstead*RiflemanEric Thomas GeorgeE.T.G.6970384Sunday, 10 September 1944, Helchteren (Holland), age 23.
BintSergeantR.E Coy.
BirchJ.H.H Coy.
wBird*, DSO, MC and barMajorT.A.N/AN/A
Birleson*CorporalBillWilliamW.689876213 Pl.H Coy.Saturday, 23 September 1944, Vlierden, (Holland), age 26.
BishopA.G.H Coy.
Bishop (ACC)PrivateC.F Coy.
wBishop*RiflemanJ.E Coy.
Bishop*RiflemanR.C.F.G Coy.

Name as in CWGC regiter. Mentioned in TP as “Bissett”
CorporalPeter GuyP.G.6969796G Coy.Wednesday, 28 June 1944, Gavrus (France), age 26.
wBlack*SergeantJ.6969519E Coy.
wBlackshire*RiflemanW.6925167E Coy.
Blades*Lance CorporalC.G Coy.
wBlake*RiflemanP.15 Pl.H Coy.
BlakemoreLance CorporalP.F Coy.
BlissRiflemanG.E Coy.
Bloomfield*RiflemanEdward SamuelE.S.6921768G Coy.Saturday, 21 October 1944, Leunen (Holland), age 23.
BloomfieldF.H Coy.
BlottSergeantJ.E Coy.
BlueRiflemanD.F Coy.
BluedoverRiflemanH.F Coy.
BlundenG.F.H Coy.
Blyth*Lance CorporalGordon LewisG.L.6969278Wednesday, 30 October 1944, Deurne (Holland), age 24.
Board*RiflemanP.V.G Coy.
wBoast*CorporalHaroldH.13 Pl.H Coy.
BoddyCorporalE.W.E Coy.
BoltRiflemanA.F Coy.
wBond*CaptainG.D.145322E Coy.
Bonner*SergeantW.F.5 Pt.F Coy.
BooseyW.H Coy.
Booth*RiflemanF.G Coy.
Bossom*RiflemanN.M.13 Pl.H Coy.
Botfield*RiflemanAlbert NicholasA.N.6969280F Coy.Tuesday, 27 June 1944, Cheux (France), age 23.
Bottomley (REME)CorporalK.F Coy.
BoultonH Coy.
wBowden*SergeantW.7124913 Pl.H Coy.
BowlerE.H Coy.
BowlesS.H Coy.
BowringJ.H Coy.
wBowyer*LieutenantHughH.E.W.17457120 Pl.E Coy.
Boyce (REME)CraftsmanG.R.E Coy.
BoyceR.H Coy.
BrackenRiflemanP.F Coy.
BrackpoolRiflemanD.E Coy.
BraddockRiflemanJ.E Coy.
Bradford*, DSO, MCMajorPeterP.J.90008N/AH Coy.
BradleySergeantJ.C.E and F Coy.
wBradyRiflemanJ.6920248E Coy.
Braine*RiflemanG.S.13 Pl.H Coy.
BramleyJ.J.F Coy.
Brasler*RiflemanD.G.G Coy.
Bratton*Lance SergeantR.W.F, G and H Coy.
Breed*RiflemanA.G Coy.
BretonH Coy.
wBrewer*RiflemanW.6921217G Coy.
BridgesLance CorporalC.F Coy.
BriggsRiflemanE.E Coy.
BrightSergeantW.E Coy.
wBrightonRiflemanE.6921219F Coy.
BrigstockCorporalV.E Coy.
BrimsonRiflemanJ.F Coy.
Brinton*RiflemanE.G Coy.
BroadRiflemanA.F Coy.
wBromfield*Rifleman15 Pl.H Coy.
BrookRiflemanS.F Coy.
BrookeRiflemanG.F Coy.
wBroom*Lance CorporalH.E Coy.Wounded 18 or 19 July 1944 during Goodwood.
Brophy*RiflemanTimithy EdwardT.E.69217857 Pl.F Coy.Monday, 26 June 1944, Cheuz (France), age 22.
BrownRiflemanD.F Coy.

Brown C. or
Brown, DCM, G.
Rifleman13 Pl.H Coy.
BrownRiflemanF.E Coy.
Brown*RiflemanG.G Coy.

Brown C. or
Brown, DCM, G.
H Coy.
BrownRiflemanW.F Coy.
BruleyH.W.6923040H Coy.
BruntonJ.H Coy.
Brush, DSOLieutenant-ColonelE.H.
wBucklerRiflemanL.H.6921228H Coy.
wBuckleyLance CorporalR.19 Pl.E Coy.
wBuckner*RiflemanH.6915039E Coy.
wBudge*Lance CorporalR.G.6969567Coy. HQF Coy.
BullRiflemanR.E Coy.
BurkeR.H Coy.
BurnellCaptainR.D.H Coy.
BurrRiflemanE.F Coy.
BurroughsRiflemanB.C.6922125F Coy.
BurrowsRiflemanL.F Coy.
Burt*CorporalA.G Coy.
BurtonJ.C.H Coy.
Burton*RiflemanR. G Coy.
Busby*RiflemanFrederickF.1467152616 Pl.H Coy.Friday, 6 April 1945, River Weser (Germany), age 19.
BushK.E.H Coy.
Busmer*RiflemanA.G Coy.
wButcher*RiflemanA.13 Pl.H Coy.
Butcher*RiflemanD.C.G Coy.
ButcherLance CorporalG. F Coy.
Butler*RiflemanE.G Coy.
ButterfieldSergeantJ.F.F Coy.
ButtnerL.H Coy.
wButtress*RiflemanP.H.692295313 Pl.H Coy.
ByfordJ.A.H Coy.
wCaddLance CorporalL.W.6969283F Coy.
CaddeyRiflemanJ.F and H Coy.
CallardCaptainW.H Coy.
wCallawayRiflemanE.6921234F Coy.
Canham* (ACC)CorporalR.G Coy.
wCannon*RiflemanJ.6924056E Coy.
CapaldiRiflemanD.F Coy.
CapelingRiflemanG.F Coy.
CaplinH Coy.
wCarey*RiflemanJ.6971169E Coy.
wCarey-Morgan*LieutenantW.29674316 Pl.H Coy.
CarlssonRiflemanA,F Coy.
CarpenterCorporalD.H.F Coy.
Carr*, Croix de GuerreSergeantJ.R.G Coy.
Carroll*Lance CorporalJ.W.G Coy.
Carter* (REME)CorporalJ.T.G Coy.
wCarter*SergeantW.E Coy.
CaseltonRiflemanH.F Coy.
CastA.H Coy.
Cast*RiflemanL.6924875E Coy.
CatchpoleN.J.F and
Cave*RiflemanH.13 Pl.H Coy.
Ceney*Lance CorporalR.G Coy.
Chabot*CaptainK.N.O.153432G Coy.
ChaferCSML.N.F Coy.
Chance*RiflemanW.C.G Coy.
ChandlerSergeantP.G.F Coy.
wChatterley*RiflemanR.6915845E Coy.
wChick*RiflemanD.20 Pl.E Coy.
wChilvers*RiflemanR.16 Pl.H Coy.
Chisman*RiflemanA.G Coy.
ChiversH Coy.
ChorltonRiflemanT.F Coy.
wClaptonRiflemanG.R.6922972G Coy.
Clark*RiflemanE.G Coy.
Clark*RiflemanH.G Coy.
ClarkW.F.H Coy.
Clark*CorporalWilliam JohnW.J.689861415 Pl.H Coy.Sunday, 24 September 1944, Vlierden (Holland), age 29.
Clark*LieutenantW.P.G.296095… Pl.F Coy.
ClarkeRiflemanB.H.W.E Coy.
wClarke*RiflemanC.6921580E Coy.
ClarkeCorporalE.F Coy.
wClarke*RiflemanF.F Coy.
ClarkeRiflemanJ.H.E Coy.

Mentioned in TP as “A. Clarke”
RiflemanRonald Charles WilliamR.C.W.6924884F Coy.Monday, 11 September 1944, Peer (Belgium), age 29.
ClarkeCorporalS.E Coy.
ClarkeS.S.H Coy.
Clements (ACC)PrivateD.F Coy.
Clermont*RiflemanGastonG.6916813G Coy.Saturday, 23 September 1944, Ommel (Holland), age 28.
Clift*RiflemanJamesJ.6920081E Coy.Monday, 7 August 1944, at sea (ship sunk whilst evacuated), age 32 (date in TP 3 August).
Clifton*RSMG.6909395H Coy.
CloverLieutenantJ.C.F Coy.
wCobbing*RiflemanE.A.14 Pl.G and H Coy.
CoeRiflemanG.W.F Coy.
Coe*RiflemanK.21 Pl.E Coy.
wCohen*RiflemanD.A.6914697G Coy.

Possibly same as Coker of G Coy.
H Coy.

Possibly same as Coker of H Coy.
RiflemanR.G Coy.
ColeRiflemanF.F Coy.
ColemanA.H Coy.
ColesRiflemanD.F Coy.
Collins*RiflemanJ.G Coy.
wCollins*RiflemanR.6912329F Coy.
wColomboRiflemanJ.F.6915053H Coy.
Collier*RiflemanBenjamin WaltonB.W.691124516 Pl.H Coy.Sunday, 10 September 1944, Helchteren (Holland), age 35.
Collier*RiflemanHenry CharlesH.C.689562115 Pl.H Coy.Tuesday, 17 October 1944, Deurne-Venray Road (Holland), age 26.
wCollin*CorporalN.15 Pl.H Coy.
CollingsT.H Coy.
Collingwood*CorporalHarold GeorgeH.G.696969915 Pl.H Coy.Thursday, 29 June 1944, Hill 112 (France), age 31.
ComperRiflemanR.E Coy.
wConnelly*RiflemanE.6922145E Coy.
Connelly*Sergeant“Dickey”Robert WorthyR.W.696957313 Pl.H Coy.Tuesday, 17 April 1945, Barum (Germany), age 27.
ConollyV.H Coy.
CookRiflemanH.E Coy.
CookeC.Q.M.S.R.E Coy.
CoombesRiflemanW.F and G Coy.
CooneyRiflemanJ.P.F Coy.

Possibly same as Cooper of H Coy.
RiflemanD.G Coy.
Cooper*, MMSergeantJ.F Coy.

Possibly same as Cooper of G Coy.
H Coy.
CoppinSergeantD.E Coy.
CoppingH.H Coy.
wCorderyRiflemanH.6915277F Coy.
Corey-Morgan*, KRRCLieutenantN.296743
CoringLance CorporalG.J.E.E and H Coy.
wCork*Lance CorporalT.16 Pl.H Coy.
wCorrall*RiflemanS.16 Pl.H Coy.
Corsie*RiflemanJohn WilliamJ.W.6969527G Coy.Monday, 14 August 1944, Canteloupe (France), age 33.
wCoryton*, MCLieutenantJeffreyJeffreyJ.21762915 Pl.H Coy.
CotteyRiflemanG.E Coy.
Cotton*RiflemanG.G Coy.
CouzensL.A.H Coy.
Cox*RiflemanHarry ThomasH.T.6921843F Coy.Monday, 16 April 1945, Reiningen (Germany), age 23.
wCoxon*RiflemanW.G.15 Pl.H Coy.
wCowling*RiflemanW.E Coy.
Cowling*RiflemanW.G.G Coy.
CoxSergeantL.E Coy.
CozensCaptainG.A.H Coy.
Crabbe*CorporalW.E Coy.
Crack*RiflemanB.G Coy.
CraneRiflemanJ.F Coy.
CrawleyA.H Coy.
CribbRiflemanR.F Coy.
CrippenCorporalE.S.E Coy.
Cripps*RiflemanH.G Coy.
Crisp*SergeantB.J.G Coy.
Crisp*Rifleman“Crunchy”Herbert GeorgeH.G.692184913 Pl.H Coy.Monday, 16 April 1945, Bonstorf (Germany).
CrookRiflemanA.F Coy.
Cross*Lance CorporalR.W.G Coy.
wCrossland*RiflemanW.6922150E Coy.
wCrossman*CorporalA.692028417 Pl.E Coy.
CrouchRiflemanS.F Coy.
Crow, MMCorporalW.E Coy.
CrushRiflemanE.E Coy.
ChroustchoffI.H Coy.
Cuff*RiflemanNormanN.13 Pl.H Coy.
Cuff*Rifleman“Reg”R.A.692475013 Pl.H Coy.
Culnane*CorporalSteveStephen RichardS.R.696970216 Pl.H Coy.Saturday, 7 April 1945, River Weser (Germany), age 26.
wCunliffe*, MCMajorFosterD.F.137063N/AF Coy.
Cunningham, MMR.H Coy.

Brother to F.R. Curtis.
RiflemanFrederick JohnF.J.6919604G Coy.Monday, 7 August 1944, at sea (probably died while repatriated), age 30

Brother to F.J. Curtis.
RiflemanF.R.G Coy.
CutlerRiflemanA.T.E and F Coy.
wDack*RiflemanS.17 Pl.E Coy.
DaileyRiflemanA.E Coy.
DakinLance CorporalD.E Coy.
wDanbury*Lance CorporalH.J.6921273G Coy.
DaneRiflemanE,F Coy.
DaneRiflemanG.F Coy.
DanklinH Coy.
Darnell*RiflemanF.G Coy.
Darvill*Lance CorporalCharles RonaldC.R.6922153F Coy.Tuesday, 27 June 1944, Cheux (France), age 29.
Davenport*RiflemanGeorgeG.3535359G Coy.Sunday, 3 September 1944, Serifontaine (France), age 27.
DavenportLieutenantS.G.F Coy.
Davey*RiflemanL.G Coy.
Davies*LieutenantDerekD.A.O.26574013 Pl.H Coy.
DaviesRiflemanR.E Coy.
DavisCorporalA.F Coy.
DavisRiflemanF.F Coy.
Davis*RiflemanJ.E.C.G Coy.
DavisJ.P.H Coy.
DavisLance CorporalL.F Coy.
DawkinsC.H Coy.
Dawson*RiflemanF.G Coy.
Dawson*RiflemanR.G Coy.
Day*Rifleman“Len”Leonard WilliamL.W.692127813 Pl.H Coy.Wednesday, 28 June 1944, Baron (France), age 23.
DaysleyR.H Coy.
DeadmanRiflemanA.F Coy.
Deadman*Lance SergeantH.P.G Coy.
DeanC.H Coy.
DeanF.W.H Coy.
wDearing*RiflemanG.13 Pl.H Coy.
DearloveR.H Coy.
Dearman*RiflemanArthur JosephA.J.6845396F Coy.Sunday, 10 September 1944, Helchteren (Holland), age 28.
DebnamCorporalG.W.F Coy.
wDell*SergeantJ.W.E Coy.
DemanRiflemanA.F Coy.
DenhamRiflemanE.6917021E Coy.
Denney*RiflemanBertAlbert SidneyA.S.634785413 Pl.H Coy.Wednesday, 28 June 1944, Hill 112 (France), age 24.
Denney*RiflemanLenL.13 Pl.H Coy.
DennisRiflemanC.F Coy.
DennisLance CorporalR.F Coy.
DerhamS.H Coy.
DewarA.H Coy.
Dickens*RiflemanE.G Coy.
Dickenson*MajorJ.HQH Coy.
wDickson*LieutenantJ.C.16 Pl.H Coy.
Dignon*RiflemanS.G Coy.
DilleyRiflemanW.F Coy.
DitchJ.H Coy.
DitchRiflemanJ.L.F Coy.
wDixon*LieutenantA.T.24013814 Pl.H Coy.
wDocker*SergeantR.18 Pl.E Coy.
wDodson*RiflemanL.6924496G Coy.
DodsworthA.H Coy.
wDolton*RiflemanF.E Coy.
wDonat*CorporalR.E Coy.
DoneganRiflemanC.E Coy.
DoreA.H Coy.
wDorney*CorporalF.V.14 Pl.H Coy.
Douglas*CorporalL.13 Pl.H Coy.
Douse*Lance CorporalF.A.G Coy.
Downing*RiflemanF.D.G Coy.
Draper*CorporalS.M.G and H Coy.
DriscollRiflemanA.F Coy.
Duckworth*RiflemanJ.G Coy.
DudleySergeantR.E Coy.
DuffelLance CorporalF.E Coy.
wDuncan*RiflemanD.1442002519 Pl.E Coy.
Duncan*SergeantF.E Coy.
Duncan*RiflemanG.G Coy.
DuncanRiflemanP.F Coy.
DunhamRiflemanC.H.F Coy.
DunnRiflemanL.F Coy.
DurbinLance CorporalR.E Coy.
EagerRiflemanG.F Coy.
EarleyH Coy.
EasterbrookE.W.H Coy.
EastwoodSergeantD.W.G Coy.
EdmondsSergeantStanley CharlesS.C.69128727 Pl.F Coy.Monday, 26 June 1944, Cheux (France), age 32.
Edmonds*RiflemanW.J.G Coy.
Edwards*Lance CorporalG.8 Pl.F Coy.

J. Edwards or
T. Edwards
Rifleman13 Pl.H Coy.

J. Edwards or
T. Edwards
H Coy.
EdwardsLance CorporalG.F Coy.
Edwards*RSMHarryHQ Coy.
wEgan*SergeantW.20 Pl.E Coy.
EldridgeRiflemanJ.E Coy.
ElfordC.J.H Coy.
wElgood*LieutenantJ.L.A.265750E Coy.
wElkington*SergeantD.V.8 Pl.F Coy.
ElliotRiflemanH.E Coy.
EllisCorporalAlbertAlbertA.F Coy.
Ellis*RiflemanE.G Coy.
Ellis*LieutenantRobin James NewmanR.J.N.24530715 Pl.H Coy.Sunday, 10 September 1944, Helchteren (Holland), age 21.
Elmes*RiflemanE.G Coy.
Emes*CorporalEdwin RonaldE.R.6917800F Coy.Tuesday, 27 June 1944, Cheux (France), age 29.
EmminsRiflemanE.F Coy.
EnfieldJ.E.H Coy.
England*RiflemanAlbertA.14338522G Coy.Monday, 13 November 1944, Leunen (Holland), age 30.
Evans (ACC)PrivateH.E Coy.3 Oldbury Road, Brick Lane, Enfield Highway, Middlesex
EvansRiflemanJ.12 Great Ormonde Street, Bloomsbury, W.C.1.
Evans*RiflemanS.G Coy.D 33, Sutton Dwellings, North Kensington, W.10.
EvansRiflemanS.50 South King Street, Blackpool, Lancs.
EverettE.V.H Coy.
Faint*CorporalF.G Coy.
FallowfieldJ,H Coy.
wFarley*RiflemanR.6915073E Coy.
FarmerSergeantR.F and H Coy.
FarmerLance CorporalW.F Coy.
FarrellCorporalJ.F Coy.
FauerJ.R.H Coy.
FaulknerRiflemanG.E Coy.
wFaulknerRiflemanJ.E Coy.
FeatherstoneRiflemanH.E Coy.
FellowesJ.H Coy.
wFeltham*RiflemanA.R.6921890G Coy.
wFerguson*W.G.15 Pl.H Coy.
Field, DCMCorporalF.F Coy.
wField*RiflemanF.W.15 Pl.H Coy.
Field*Lance CorporalJ.D.W.G Coy.
FielderRiflemanD.F Coy.
FieldingRiflemanL.F Coy.
wFinch*RiflemanF.6921892F Coy.
Finch*RiflemanW.G Coy.
FisherJ.E.H Coy.
Fitzgerald*, MMCorporalGerrardG.6920671F Coy.Thursday, 3 august 1944, Le Bas Perrier (France), age 24.
FitzhughH.H Coy.
wFleet*RiflemanJ.18 Pl.E Coy.
Fletcher (ACC)SergeantR.E and G Coy.
FletcherRiflemanS.E Coy.
FlowerH Coy.
Floyd*RiflemanR.G Coy.
wFlyn*Lance CorporalP.15 Pl.H Coy.
FolletJ.H Coy.
Follins*RiflemanH.7 Pl.F Coy.
Footman*RiflemanR.7 Pl.F Coy.
FordB.H Coy.
FordL.V.H Coy.
FordR.H Coy.
wFordham*SergeantA.R.A.691448715 Pl.H Coy.
FossW.A.E.H Coy.
FoundSergeantA.J.E Coy.

Same as CSM A. Fox of F Coy.?

Same as CSM A. Fox of E Coy.?
Fox*Lance CorporalC.G Coy.
FoxLance CorporalC.K.F Coy.
FoxJ.R.F Coy.
FrankhamE.H.H Coy.
wFreeman*RiflemanA.A.20 Pl.E Coy.
Freeman*RiflemanF.G Coy.
wFreestone*RiflemanA.H.16 Pl.H Coy.
FriendLance CorporalN,E Coy.
Fruin*Lance SergeantJ.G Coy.
Fry*RiflemanL.G Coy.
Fulton*CorporalH.14 Pl.H Coy.
FurlongE.H.H Coy.
Fyffe*LieutenantDavid OliphantD.O.24012120 Pl.E Coy.Monday, 16 April 1945, Reiningen (Germany), age 22.
GaddCorporalD.F Coy.
Gafney*RiflemanL.G Coy.
GallagherRiflemanP.F Coy.
GalliersRiflemanE.F Coy.
wGanderton*RiflemanE.14 Pl.H Coy.
GardnerW.H Coy.
wGarnett*RiflemanH.691348716 Pl.H Coy.
wGasper*Lance CorporalStanS.696987514 Pl.H Coy.
Gates* (ACC)PrivateG.G Coy.
GauntlettRiflemanG.F Coy.
Gearing*RiflemanA.D.G Coy.
GeeH.T.H Coy.
Gee*RiflemanW.G Coy.
wGiddens*RiflemanW.1331271116 Pl.H Coy.
Gilbert*RiflemanE.F Coy.
Gilbert*RiflemanR.G Coy.
Gilbey*CorporalJ.G Coy.
GilderJ.H Coy.
Gilder*Rifleman“Stan”S.C.13 Pl.H Coy.
Gildersleve*RiflemanC.G Coy.
GilesRiflemanA.A.E Coy.
GillRiflemanN.E Coy.
Gillate*CorporalDonDonald ReginaldD.R.692306813 Pl.H Coy.
wGirling*RiflemanRegR.6920105F Coy.
Glatz*RiflemanP.G Coy.

Brother of J.B. Glazebrook?!
RiflemanE.18 Pl.E Coy.

Brother of E. Glazebrook?!
J.B.H Coy.
GlenwrightSergeantA.F Coy.
Glynn*RiflemanA.G Coy.
wGobbett*RiflemanS.R.6921319G Coy.
GodfreyRiflemanA.F Coy.
GodfreyRiflemanF.W.E Coy.

Possibly same as A. or F.W. Godfrey.
RiflemanG Coy.
Godwin*RiflemanV.G Coy.
GoldbourneRiflemanJ.E Coy.
GoldingRiflemanS.E Coy.
Goldsmith*RiflemanW.G Coy.
Goldstein*RiflemanMauriceM.14514284G Coy.Sunday, 3 September 1944, Brussels (Belgium), age 18.
wGollop*RiflemanE.E Coy.
GoodchildH Coy.
Gooden*RiflemanB.6917044F and G Coy.
Goodings*RiflemanW.A.G Coy.
GoodliffeF.F Coy.
GoodmanJ.H Coy.
GoodsallF.H Coy.
Goodwin*RiflemanV.G Coy.
Goodwin*RiflemanWalter LeslieW.L.6921327G Coy.Friday, 1 September 1944, Amiens (France), age 23.
wGordon*RiflemanL.14241958F Coy.
GossRiflemanA.F and H Coy.
GovierH Coy.
GoughE.H Coy.
Gould*CorporalA,G Coy.
Gould*RiflemanH.G Coy.
Gould*LieutenantR.J.23255418 Pl.E Coy.
GraceRiflemanW.F Coy.
Graham*CorporalR.D.G Coy.
GrantSergeantD.E and H Coy.
wGranville*Lance CorporalJ.W.692493315 Pl.H Coy.
Graveny*LieutenantD.W.226408F Coy.
wGraves*RiflemanF.6921331G Coy.
GrayLance CorporalA.F Coy.
Gray*RiflemanW.G Coy.
GrayW.H Coy.
Grayson*RiflemanGeorge WilliamG.W.6922215G Coy.Wednesday, 19 July 1944, Hubert-Folie (France), age 34.
GreenL.H.H Coy.
Green*RiflemanS.G Coy.
Gregory*Lance CorporalH.F and G Coy.
Greville*, The Hon.CaptainR.F.M.174569N/AF Coy.
Griffin*Lance CorporalR.G Coy.
GriffinT.H Coy.
GriffithsJ.P.H Coy.
Griggs*CorporalH.G Coy.
GrimmettE.E.H Coy.
Grindley*SergeantW.G Coy.
Grossman*RiflemanJackJ.6923093G Coy.Monday, 31 July 1944, St. Martin-des-Besaces (France), age 22.
wGrove*Rifleman13 Pl.H Coy.
Groves*, MMLance CorporalW.18 Pl.E Coy.
wGuiden*Lance CorporalJ.692073719 Pl.E Coy.
GuiverLance CorporalC.F Coy.
Guy*RiflemanG.G Coy.
wHabetin*RiflemanN.734577617 Pl.E Coy.
HabetinRiflemanN.F Coy.
HackeltonRiflemanW.F Coy.
Hadley, REMECraftsmanJ.S.E Coy.
wHairyes*RiflemanS.18 Pl.E Coy.
Hale*Lance CorporalR.G Coy.
HaleR.S.H Coy.
Haley*CorporalD.A.G Coy.
Hall*RiflemanArthur DerrickA.D.6214746F Coy.Sunday, 20 August 1944, Argentan-Falaise Road (France), age 24.

Same as W.E. Hall?
RiflemanW.E Coy.

Same as Rfn. W. Hall?
W.E.H Coy.
HallettRiflemanG.F Coy.
HambridgeRiflemanJ.F Coy.
HambrookLance CorporalE.F Coy.
wHamer*RiflemanF.14 Pl.H Coy.
Hammond*RiflemanR.G Coy.
wHampsonSergeantC.691104218 Pl.E Coy.
Hancock*SergeantBillF.E.696982016 Pl.H Coy.Friday, 6 April 1945, River Weser (Germany), age 35.
Hancock*RiflemanH.G Coy.
Hanlon*Lance CorporalR.G Coy.
HansenRiflemanE Coy.
HansenV.H Coy.
Harbert*RiflemanW.G Coy.
Hardiman*, (REME)LieutenantE.
HardingRiflemanG.R.E Coy.
HardyRiflemanC.F Coy.
Harford*RiflemanRobertR.6915947G Coy.Monday, 31 July 1944, St. Martin-des-Besaces (France).
HarmannRiflemanE.F Coy.
wHarper*RiflemanW.6915856E Coy.
wHarrell*RiflemanA.6700577G Coy.
Harries*RiflemanW.G Coy.
wHarris*RiflemanA.A.692522715 Pl.H Coy.
HarrisC.H Coy.
HarrisRiflemanG.E Coy.
HarrisRiflemanW.E Coy.
wHarrisonRiflemanJ.E Coy.
HarrissonD.H Coy.
Hart*SergeantW.G Coy.
wHartwellRiflemanE.A.6917065F Coy.
Harwin*RiflemanS.G Coy.
HarwoodRiflemanG.E Coy.
HattamRiflemanD.F Coy.
HattonRiflemanJ.F Coy.
HattonRiflemanS.E Coy.
HawkesRiflemanF.E Coy.
HawkinsLance CorporalC.F Coy.
wHawkins*RiflemanR.14 Pl.H Coy.
Hayes*Lance CorporalO.F.R.G Coy.
HayleyRiflemanL.E Coy.
HaymanRiflemanN.F Coy.
Haynes*RiflemanD.G Coy.
wHaynes*RiflemanL.G.6914239F Coy.
wHazell*RiflemanE.E Coy.
Hazelton*RiflemanD.K.G Coy.
HeaneyJ.H Coy.
HearnRiflemanA.E Coy.
wHedges*Lance CorporalP.14216854G Coy.
HeftiCorporalJ.E.F Coy.
Heiden*Lance CorporalWilliam CharlesW.C.6971212E Coy.Thursday, 3 August 1944, Bras (France), age 25.
wHellen*SergeantF.544314620 Pl.E Coy.
HemmingRiflemanS.E Coy.
Hemmings*CorporalF.G Coy.
HempstonRiflemanW.E Coy.
Henegan*CorporalEdward MorrisE.M.6921955G Coy.Monday, 31 July 1944, St. Martin-des-Besaces (France), age 23.
HennahG.A.H Coy.
Henry*SergeantP.C.W.G Coy.
HerbertLance CorporalG.W.F Coy.
HeronRiflemanH.E Coy.
Heslington*RiflemanGeoffrey WilliamG.W.6969711G Coy.Sunday, 23 July 1944, Bras (France), age 29.
wHewisonRiflemanA.6917184E Coy.
HewisonA.V.H Coy.
HewittLance CorporalF.E Coy.
Hibberd*CorporalF.G Coy.
Hicks*SergeantMikeM.W.H Coy.
Higgins*RiflemanEdwin GordonE.G.6967088G Coy.Monday, 7 August 1944, Presles (France), age 27
HigginsonRiflemanM.F Coy.
Higgleton*RiflemanB.G Coy.
Hill, A.
Hill, R.
Hill, W.
Corporal14 Pl.H Coy.
Hill, A.
Hill, R.
Hill, W.
Rifleman15 Pl.H Coy.
Hill, A.
Hill, R.
Hill, W.
H Coy.
HillSergeantA.C.E Coy.
HillRiflemanR.F Coy.

Brother of Cpl. G.W. Hillman?
RiflemanE.E Coy.

Brother of Rfn. E. Hillman?
CorporalGeorgeGeorge WilliamG.W.692331521 Pl.E Coy.Wednesday, 9 August 1944, Presles (France), age 22.
Hillyer*RiflemanA.G Coy.
wHindley*RiflemanW.692455114 Pl.H Coy.
wHoad*RiflemanH.E Coy.
HobbsCSMJ.F Coy.
wHobbsW.H.6912329H Coy.
Hodge*LieutenantPeterP.S.256109HQ Coy.
Hodges*RiflemanT.13 Pl.H Coy.
Hodgson*Lance CorporalJ.G.G Coy.
wHogg*CorporalJ.16 Pl.H Coy.
Hogger*CorporalLeonard MauryL.M.14355001F Coy.Thursday, 4 January 1945, Tellin (Belgium), age 34.

Rank given in E Coy. Diary: “Ggt.”
D.E Coy.
wHolgate*Lance Corporal“Joe”J.692136413 Pl.H Coy.
HollandG.R.H Coy.
Holland*Lance CorporalVictor AlbertV.A.6915806E Coy.Saturday, 7 April 1945, Stolzenau (Germany), age 26.
Hollands*, MMSergeantW.A.G Coy.
Hollington*Lance CorporalV.Coy. HQF Coy.
HolmanRiflemanD.H.15 Pl.H Coy.
Holmes*RiflemanCecil RobertC.R.696789814 Pl.H Coy.Saturday, 15 April 1945, Bonstorf (Germany), age 26.
Holt*RiflemanF.G Coy.
Hone*SergeantAlexander GeorgeA.G.84324115 Pl.H Coy.Sunday, 24 September 1944, Vlierden (Holland), age 29.
Hope*Lance CorporalW.G Coy.
Hopper*RiflemanHerbert WilliamH.W.685748215 Pl.H Coy.Tuesday, 17 October 1944, Meerselo (Holland), age 22.
HopsonRiflemanK.F Coy.
Hopson*RiflemanThomasT.6924122F Coy.Tuesday, 18 July 1944, Ranville (France), age 23.
wHopwoodLieutenantF.M.F Coy.
HorderRiflemanL.F Coy.
HornsbySergeantJ.N.E Coy.
HorwoodCorporalF.E Coy.
Hoskins*RiflemanJ.F.T.G Coy.
HoskinsL.A.H Coy.
Houser*RiflemanG.G Coy.
Howard*Lance CorporalC.G Coy.
HowardRiflemanJ.F Coy.
Howard*RiflemanThomas HenryT.H.6857485F Coy.Thursday, 3 August 1944, Le Bas Perrier (France), age 29.
Howe*RiflemanR.G Coy.5 Sibthorpe Road, Mitcham, Surrey
wHowesRiflemanS.692524019 Pl.E Coy.
Howlett*RiflemanJ.G Coy.
Howorth*, MCLieutenantDonaldD.277475G Coy.Sunday, 10 September 1944, Helchteren (Holland), age 21.
Howson*RiflemanG.G Coy.
Hubble*LieutenantH.R.O.2264076 Pl.F and G Coy.
Huckle*RiflemanJohnnyJohn ThomasJ.T.692322013 Pl.H Coy.Tuesday, 17 October 1944, Meerselo (Holland), age 22.
wHudd*RiflemanP.E Coy.
Hudson*RiflemanA.G.G Coy.
HughesLance CorporalB.E.N.F Coy.
Hughes*LieutenantD.L.232596… Pl.E Coy.
wHughesCorporalL.6970353E Coy.
Hughes-Onslow*LieutenantT.N.304996… Pl.G Coy.
HumphreysCorporalR.F Coy.
wHunt*RiflemanH.HQE Coy.
Hunt*RiflemanWilliam JamesW.J.6916723G Coy.Thursday, 29 June 1944, Hill 112 (France), age 27.
HunterRiflemanA.E Coy.
Hunter*, DSO, MBE, MCLieutenant-Colonel“Tony”J.A.63621N/AN/A
HunterRiflemanN.F Coy.
HurleyRiflemanP.P.F Coy.
Hutcherson*Lance CorporalArthur Stanley WalterA.S.W.6969585E Coy.Wednesday, 28 June 1944, Cheux (France), age 24.
HydeRiflemanHenry HerbertH.H.6846626F Coy.Sunday, 10 September 1944, Helchteren (Holland), age 27
Hyett*RiflemanA.G Coy.
IllstonRiflemanC.F Coy.
Imbrey*Lance CorporalH.G Coy.
Inchiquin, The LordF Coy.
IrelandE.G and H Coy.
wIreland-Blackburn*LieutenantM.R.20753218 Pl.E Coy.
IresonRiflemanA.E.F Coy.
Ironmonger*RiflemanR.G Coy.
Isard*CorporalHubert EdwardH.E.6970396G Coy.Wednesday, 19 July 1944, Hubert-Folie (France), age 24.
Isham*RiflemanNoelN.6969880G Coy.Wednesday, 30 August 1944, Am é court (France), age 23.
wJacksonCorporalC.14260264F Coy.
Jackson*RiflemanE.G Coy.
JaggerdRiflemanR.F Coy.
James*RiflemanF.G Coy.

(not J.D. as mentioned in H Coy War diary)
RiflemanJohn WilliamJ.W.5572258H Coy.Friday, 6 April 1945, River Weser (Germany), age 27.
wJefferson*RiflemanR.E Coy.
JeffriesRiflemanS.E Coy.
JenkinsE.H Coy.
Jenkins*RiflemanS.R.G Coy.
Jerome*RiflemanArthurA.6923153G Coy.Monday, 14 August 1944, Canteloupe (France), age 28.
Jinks*RiflemanG.G Coy.
Johnson*RiflemanB.G Coy.
JohnsonE.H Coy.
JohnsonW.H Coy.
Jones*RiflemanA.A.G Coy.
JonesA.O.H Coy.
JonesRiflemanC.C.F Coy.
JonesSergeantD.W.F Coy.
JonesCorporalE.E Coy.

Not sure if H. or J. Jones got wounded. E Coy. WD says “Rfn. Jones, 30” (probably last part of army number).
RiflemanH.E Coy.
JonesRiflemanJ.E Coy.
Jones*RiflemanJ.G Coy.
JonesR.G.H Coy.
Jones*RiflemanW.G Coy.
JudsonRiflemanC.F Coy.
wKazmarski*RiflemanV.692196517 Pl.E Coy.
wKedge*RiflemanJ.6924967G Coy.
KeebleRiflemanW.F Coy.
KeefeP.H Coy.
Keitley-Webb*LieutenantB.W.296769G Coy.
Kelly*RiflemanD.M.Coy. HQF Coy.
KellyLance CorporalJ.F Coy.
KempRiflemanC.F Coy.
wKempRiflemanR.6348644E Coy.
KempRiflemanS.A.F Coy.
KentS.W.H Coy.
wKillick*SergeantC.15 Pl.H Coy.
King*Lance CorporalB.L.G Coy.
wKing*RiflemanD.6911631 or 6969027E Coy.
wKing*RiflemanD.6911631 or 6969027F Coy.
KingRiflemanJ.F Coy.
King*RiflemanJ.G Coy.
Kingsmill*, MMCorporalG.H.W.6969327G Coy.
KingsnorthJ.N.H Coy.
wKirkland*RiflemanD.691488613 Pl.H Coy.
Kisbey*SergeantE.G Coy.
KitchenCorporalG.A.F and G Coy.
KitchenG.H Coy.
Kitson*SergeantCharles EdwardC.E.684695113 Pl.H Coy.Friday, 18 August 1944, Putanges (France), age 25.
KleinH.H Coy.
KleiserRiflemanW.A.F Coy.
Knibbs*SergeantR.G Coy.
KnightRiflemanF.F Coy.
Knights*RiflemanP.G Coy.
wKnudson*RiflemanL.13 Pl.H Coy.
Lacey*CorporalP.G Coy.
Ladmore, MML.H Coy.
LakeR.H Coy.
LambertH.E Coy.
wLampshire*RiflemanL.J.6915852H Coy.
Lancester*RiflemanR.G Coy.
Lane*LieutenantMichaelMichaelM.23259710 Pl.G Coy.Saturday, 1 July 1944, age 21
LanderRiflemanR.E Coy.
LargeC.H Coy.
LawrenceF.J.H Coy.
LawrenceP.H Coy.
LawsLance CorporalK.E Coy.
LayRiflemanP.E Coy.
LazenburyRiflemanI.G.F Coy.
LeachL.H Coy.
wLeCoyte*RiflemanS.20 Pl.E Coy.
LeakJ.K.H Coy.
LedeboerHendrik-JanH.J.H Coy.
LedgardLieutenantF.A.E Coy.
Lee*Lance CorporalAlbertAlbert EdwardA.E.692334015 Pl.H Coy.Monday, 31 July 1944, St. Martin-des-Besaces (France), age 22.
LeeRiflemanJ.E Coy.
Leighton (ACC)PrivateL.F Coy.
wLeslie-Melville*, The Hon.LieutenantGeorge DavidG.D.29677015 Pl.H Coy.
LeveauxLieutenantP.D.H Coy.
Levick* (ACC)PrivateR.G Coy.
LewingtonRiflemanH.F Coy.
Lewis*RiflemanJ.G Coy.
LewisRiflemanL.H.F Coy.
Liddel*, MCMajorC.H.73188N/AN/A
LiddelCaptainT.L.F Coy.
LincolnRiflemanW.F Coy.
wLines*RiflemanE.F.15 Pl.H Coy.
Ling*RiflemanT.G Coy.
wLipscombe*SergeantW.G.6969541F Coy.
Littlepage*RiflemanGeorgeG.696966316 Pl.H Coy.Thursday, 3 August 1944, Presles (France), age 25.
LittlepageW.H Coy.
LoaderRiflemanJ.F Coy.
LockeRiflemanE.J.E and H Coy.
LoukesC.G.H Coy.
LowdenRiflemanR.F Coy.
LoweF.H Coy.
LowerR.J.H Coy.
wLuckett*RiflemanG.13 Pl.H Coy.

Name as in CWGC-register (mentioned in H Coy War Diary as Luc k ford)
RiflemanAlbert AlfredA.A.1423376015 Pl.H Coy.Friday, 18 August 1944, age 28
LuffH Coy.
wLuscombeRiflemanG.HQH Coy.

Name as in CWGC-register (mentioned in H Coy War Diary as N . Lynch)
Lance CorporalFrancis GeorgeF.G.685751515 Pl.H Coy.Friday, 18 August 1944, age 22
MacAllenH Coy.
Macaree*SergeantS.T.13 Pl.G and H Coy.

Name as in CWGC-register (mentioned in TP as J. Macauly).
SergeantJamesJ.5255823G Coy.Sunday, 3 september 1944, Brussels (Belgium), age 29.
wMacdonald*Rifleman13 Pl.H Coy.
Mac Donald* (R.E.M.E.)LieutenantJ.L.N/AN/A
wMac é *Lance CorporalF.E.6970431F Coy.
Mac GinnisLieutenantE.R.289095E Coy.Clifton Lodge, Monkstown, Co. Dublin, Eire
MachK.H Coy.
MackP.H.F Coy.
wMackenzie*MajorKennethK.O.90377N/AH Coy.
wMadge*RiflemanH.6970431F Coy.
Madley*Lance CorporalWalter CharlesW.6923365E Coy.Friday, 21 July 1944, Bras (France), age 22.
Maechler*Lance CorporalR.G Coy.
MageenLieutenantT.F Coy.
MaggsCorporalS.F Coy.
wMagnus*RiflemanG.F.6969034HQH Coy.
MaidensE.D.H Coy.
Maidlow*CaptainJohnnyJ.H.J.90519HQ Coy.
MallowsRiflemanC.E Coy.
MalloyLance CorporalR.S.F Coy.
wMallyon*Lance CorporalL.6210287E Coy.
wMaloney*RiflemanE.J.15 Pl.H Coy.
MalyonRiflemanF.F Coy.
Manby*CorporalRonald John CordyR.J.C.691678915 Pl.H Coy.Sunday, 4 April 1944, Osnabruck (France), age 28.
wMannsRiflemanL.H.6969830H Coy.
Mansi *CorporalV.14 Pl.G and H Coy.
MansorieeH Coy.
MarchantRiflemanH.F Coy.
Margerrisson*RiflemanR.F Coy.
MarjoramRiflemanP.E Coy.
Markham*RiflemanGordon HenryG.H.6969335F and G Coy.Monday, 16 April 1945, Reiningen (Germany), age 26.
wMarksRiflemanL.6970170F Coy.
wMarriner*RiflemanS.15 Pl.H Coy.
MarshRiflemanA.J.F Coy.
Marshall*Lance CorporalHenry ThomasH.T.6923376G Coy.Wednesday, June 28, 1944, Hill 112 (France), Age 22.
MarshallRiflemanK.E and F Coy.
Marshall*RiflemanR,E Coy.
Martin*RiflemanH.G Coy.
MartinRiflemanJ.F Coy.
MartinJ.J.H Coy.
Martin*CorporalR.M.G Coy.
MartinRiflemanW.E Coy.
MartinW.H Coy.
wMartindill*CorporalR.6922555E Coy.
MasdingC.F.H Coy.

Name as in CWGC-register (mentioned in TP as J. Maskins).
CorporalJohn PhilipJ.P.69703587 Pl.F Coy.Wednesday, 26 June 1944, Presles (France), age 24.
Mason*LieutenantFrancis Charles WilliamF.C.W.296749… Pl.F Coy.Monday, 2 April 1945, Tecklenburg (Germany), age 20.
Mason*RiflemanGeorge BenjaminG.B.620639514 Pl.H Coy.Sunday, 10 September 1944, Helchteren (Holland), age 27.
Mason*RiflemanW.G Coy.
Mathews*RiflemanA.G.G Coy.
MathewsRiflemanJ.F Coy.
wMatthewsRiflemanD.14 Pl.H Coy.
MaverJ.B.H Coy.
MaxeyP.H Coy.
MaySergeantC.F Coy.
May*, MCCaptainPhilipEdward PhilipE.P.158899H Coy.Thursday, 5 April 1945, Stolzenau (Germany), age 26.
May*Lance CorporalPhillip HenryP.H.6923755G Coy.Monday, 31 July 1944, … (France), age 22.
May*LieutenantR.A.296750… Pl.F Coy.
MayCorporalR.G.W.F Coy.
MayT.G.H Coy.
MayesRiflemanE Coy.
McDonallS.J.H Coy.
McCoyCorporalJ.E Coy.
wMcCrea*MajorMickeyM.117298F Coy.
McDanielsRiflemanK.E Coy.
McEwen*SergeantN.G Coy.
McEwen*RiflemanThomas HenryT.H.6923361F Coy.Saturday, 9 September 1944, Helchteren (Holland), age 22.
McGaugheyRiflemanR.F Coy.
McKillop*RiflemanR.G Coy.
McNamara*RiflemanC.G Coy.
Meadows*RiflemanJoseph SidneyJ.S.6920373G Coy.Tuesday, 18 July 1944, Soliers (France), age 31.
Mealand*RiflemanRonald AlbertR.A.1440875316 Pl.H Coy.Wednesday, 28 June 1944, Hill 112 (France), age 19.
Mearns*CorporalDouglas TrafalgerD.T.6915853F Coy.Saturday, 5 August 1944, Presles (France), age 26.
Meilleur*, MMSergeantJoseph Jeremiah RogerJ.J.R.6845787F Coy.Thursday, 19 October 1944, Leunen (Holland), age 29.
wMessenger*RiflemanA.W.5575619G Coy.
wMiddleditch*RiflemanR.16 Pl.H Coy.
wMiddleton*RiflemanD.6923387G Coy.
MilesRiflemanA.6923389Mentioned and then crossed out in casualty list July ’44
wMilesRiflemanG.E Coy.
Miller*CorporalColinC.696903820 Pl.E Coy.Friday, 6 April 1945, Stolzenau (Germany), age 32.
MillerRiflemanF.E Coy.
Miller*RiflemanH.G Coy.
Miller*RiflemanRonald Stanley WilliamR.S.W.6925268HQH Coy.Thursday, 3 August 1944, Presles (France), age 20.
Mills*RiflemanH.G Coy.
wMillsRiflemanJ.14 Pl.H Coy.
Millwood*CSMDerrickD.N.13 Pl.H Coy.

(mentioned in F Coy. War Diary as Mitchell, E.)
RiflemanFrederick CharlesF.C.6923395F Coy.Thursday, 29 June 1944, Hill 112 (France), age 22.
MitchellJ.C.H Coy.
Mitchell*RiflemanT.G Coy.
MittenRiflemanS.F Coy.
Moakes*RiflemanChristopherC.1424202314 Pl.H Coy.Monday, 31 July 1944, St. Martin-des-Besaces (France), age 20.
MonkG.S.H Coy.
MontagueRiflemanA.F Coy.
MoonRiflemanH. 6922752F Coy.
MoonRiflemanS.F Coy.
MooreC.A.H Coy.
MooreRiflemanV.E Coy.
MooreV.A.H Coy.
MorcombeF.H Coy.
Morgan*RiflemanD.G Coy.
Morgan*Lance CorporalT.G Coy.
wMorleyLieutenantP.256111F and G Coy.
wMorris*RiflemanG.W.6916642G Coy.
MortimerLance CorporalW.F Coy.
MorumH Coy.
MossC.F.H Coy.
Moul*RiflemanF.7 Pl.F Coy.
MouleRiflemanV.E Coy.
Muggaridge*RiflemanF.G Coy.
MulcahyRiflemanM.E and H Coy.
wMulhollandRiflemanT.E Coy.
Murphy*RiflemanArthur MichaelA.M.6919852F Coy.Monday, 9 April 1945, Nord Drebber (Germany).
wMurphy*RiflemanD.14 Pl.H Coy.
Murton*RiflemanP.G Coy.
NaishCorporalG.P.F and G Coy.
Nash*RiflemanW.G Coy.
NealLance CorporalH.F Coy.
Neale*CorporalL.G Coy.
NeaveR.H Coy.
Neild, REMESergeantS.E Coy.
wNeill*LieutenantBrianBrian ThomasB.T.27741413 Pl.H Coy.
NelsonSergeantJ.W.F Coy.
NewallRiflemanW.E Coy.
wNewman*RiflemanD.20 Pl.E Coy.
NewmanRiflemanF.E Coy.
NewmanR.H Coy.
NewmanS.H Coy.
NewsonS.C.H Coy.
Nibblet*LieutenantD.J.M.304392… Pl.G Coy.
NiceRiflemanW.F Coy.
Nicholas*RiflemanE.14258618F Coy.Tuesday, 17 October 1944, Meerselo (Holland), age 24.
NichollsW.J.H Coy.
NicklinRiflemanR.F Coy.
NippressRiflemanE.F Coy.
NitlitschekRiflemanR.E Coy.
wNixon*Lance CorporalJackJ.6969723HQH Coy.
NoakesRiflemanJ.A.F and H Coy.
Noonan*RiflemanD.G Coy.
NorfieldLance CorporalJ.E Coy.
wNorman*RiflemanP.F.6969545F Coy.
Norris*CorporalHerbert FrancisH.F.6915601E Coy.Thursday, 19 October 1944, Leunen (Holland), age 26.
NorrisRiflemanS.F Coy.
Nutman*RiflemanThomas JamesT.J.6919897G Coy.Saturday, 23 September 1944, Ommel (Holland), age 24.
wOakes*CorporalJ.18 Pl.E Coy.
OatesRiflemanN.F Coy.
O’brart*RiflemanN.G and H Coy.
O’ConnerCorporalG.F.F Coy.
OldfieldLance CorporalC.E Coy.
Oliver*RiflemanHarry AlbertH.A.6923424F Coy.Monday, 26 June 1944, Cheux (France), age 22.
OliverH Coy.
O’NeillRiflemanBernard WilliamB.W.6923425F Coy.Tuesday, 8 May 1945, Tecklenburg (Germany), age 23.
Orton*RiflemanA.G Coy.
wOsborne*LieutenantPaddyG.B.S.20753914 Pl.H Coy.
wO’SheaCorporalT.6923427F Coy.
OttewillRiflemanA.F Coy.
OveryLance CorporalW.F Coy.
Owens*RiflemanW.E Coy.
wOxley-Boyle*LieutenantBrianB.K.C.G Coy.
Pack*RiflemanF.F Coy.
wPackham*RiflemanR.N.14 Pl.H Coy.
PadburyH Coy.
Page*RiflemanD.G Coy.
Page*Lance CorporalH.G Coy.
Page*CSMW.E Coy.
PageRiflemanW.C.E and H Coy.
wPainter* (KRRC)LieutenantJ.L.A.30439321 Pl.E Coy.
wPallant*Lance SergeantR.6348472E Coy.
Palmer*Lance CorporalC.G Coy.
Palmer*RiflemanG.G Coy.
PalmerRiflemanR.F Coy.
PalmerSergeantW.A.F Coy.
PalmerW.J.H Coy.
ParcelRiflemanH.F Coy.
Parker*RiflemanA.A.G Coy.
ParkerD.H Coy.
ParkerN.H.H Coy.
Parker*Lance CorporalP.F Coy.
Parkins*RiflemanStanley GeorgeS.G.6923781G Coy.Thursday, 3 August 1944, Presles (France), age 21.
wParlourRiflemanJ.E Coy.
Parrington*Lance CorporalG.S.W.G Coy.
PaskE.H Coy.
PaskH.F Coy.
PatemanCorporalF.E Coy.
PatemanH Coy.
wPatience*RiflemanEricE.W.6923784G Coy.
Paton*RiflemanJamesJ.14666730G Coy.Monday, 14 August 1944, Canteloupe (France), age 18.
PayneSergeantS.J.F Coy.
Payne*CorporalW.R.G and H Coy.
PearceRiflemanG.F Coy.
Pearce*RiflemanG.W.G Coy.
PearmanRiflemanV.E Coy.
Pears*RiflemanF.G Coy.
wPearson*RiflemanJackJ.6915824F Coy.
Pearson*RiflemanT.G Coy.
PeaseRiflemanR.F Coy.
wPedrettiSergeantJ.19 Pl.E Coy.
Peek*RiflemanS.H.G Coy.
Pell*RiflemanN.E.G Coy.
Penney*RiflemanR.G Coy.
Perkins*RiflemanL.G Coy.
PerkoffCorporalM.B.E Coy.
Perry*RiflemanHarry WilliamH.W.14413130F Coy.Friday, 21 July 1944, Bras (France), age 19.
PetchRiflemanC.F Coy.
Peters*RiflemanV.G.G Coy.
wPetty*RiflemanR.D.14 Pl.H Coy.
Petrie*RiflemanJ.G Coy.
Phillimore*LieutenantJ.A.314784E Coy.
PhillipsLance CorporalD.E Coy.
PhillipsJ.H.H Coy.
PhillipsH Coy.
PhilpR.H Coy.
Pickard*RiflemanF.G.D.G Coy.
Piddington*RiflemanStanley JohnS.J.6925280F Coy.Wednesday, 28 June 1944, Baron (France), age 20.
Piggot*Lance CorporalL.F Coy.
PikeJ.H.H Coy.
PikeRiflemanR.E Coy.
PikeRiflemanR.C.F Coy.
Pippin*RiflemanL.G Coy.
PittJ.H.H Coy.
PlattL.F.H Coy.
Pledger*RiflemanH.G Coy.
PluckJ.H Coy.
Plumbridge*CorporalJ.G Coy.
PlumptonRiflemanF.F Coy.
PlumptonRiflemanP.G.F Coy.
PocockRiflemanF.F Coy.
PoldenRiflemanG.T.F Coy.
Pollard*RiflemanAlan EdwardA.E.14258636F Coy.Thursday, 5 April 1945, Stolzenau (Germany), age 36.
wPollard*RiflemanG.C.6924649F Coy.
Pollard (REME)PrivateF Coy.
Poole*RiflemanF.S.G Coy.
wPope*RiflemanA.6923468G Coy.
Pope*RiflemanA.W.G Coy.
PorterRiflemanO.F Coy.
PowellC.E.H Coy.
Powell*Lance CorporalC.L.G Coy.
PowellS.J.H Coy.
PoynterRiflemanW.J.F Coy.
Pratt*, DCMSergeantG.6919921H Coy.
Pratt*Company SergeantW.H.G Coy.
wPreedy*RiflemanD.6923472G Coy.
PrestonRiflemanF.E Coy.
PrestonRiflemanR.6923796H Coy.
PriceSergeantR.E Coy.
PriestRiflemanC.E Coy.

Name as in CWGC-register (mentioned in TP as Priestly).
LieutenantJohnJohn RichardJ.R.277438G Coy.Sunday, 6 August 1944, Le Bas Perrier (France), age 20.
PritchardCorporalE.E Coy.
Proud*RiflemanWilliamW.14298264F Coy.Friday, 6 April 1945, River Weser (Germany), age 21.
Prudence*RiflemanRonald WilliamR.W.1449955514 Pl.H Coy.Sunday, 10 September 1944, Helchteren (Holland), age 18.
PrykeC.H Coy.
PullengerG.H Coy.
wPullingerRiflemanG.19 Pl.E Coy.
Purcell*RiflemanR.18 Pl.E Coy.
QuickRiflemanN.F Coy.
RadfordA.H Coy.
Ramsbottom*RiflemanD.G Coy.
Ramsden*LieutenantJ.E.256071G Coy.
Ransom*SergeantT.D.Coy. Sign.F Coy.
Rapley*RiflemanE.C.G Coy.
Rattle*RiflemanE.C.G Coy.
Raymond*, MCLieutenantM.M.J.2960957 Pl.F Coy.
wRead*CorporalCharlieC.F.W.13 Pl.H Coy.
Read*CorporalHenry ThomasH.T.6969045G Coy.Tuesday, 18 July 1944, Hubert Folie (France), age 28.
Read*RiflemanHarryH.6917496E Coy.Monday, 14 August 1944, Vassy (France), age 28.
ReadRiflemanJ.F Coy.
Read*SergeantSidney GeorgeS.G.691624514 Pl.H Coy.Sunday, 10 September 1944, Helchteren (Holland), age 24.
ReadingLance CorporalW.E Coy.
RedfernH Coy.
ReedE.W.H Coy.
ReedF.E.H Coy.
Reed*SergeantNormanNorman ArthurN.A.696934313 Pl.H Coy.Wednesday, 28 June 1944, Hill 112 (France), age 23.
wRees*RiflemanA.691993616 Pl.H Coy.
ReesO.H Coy.
ReevesRiflemanW.F Coy.
ReganE.H Coy.
wReilly*RiflemanC.692163415 Pl.H Coy.
wRestall*RiflemanH.G.692380214 Pl.H Coy.
wRew*RiflemanE.6925036G Coy.
ReynoldsRiflemanF.F Coy.
wRhee*RiflemanJimmyS.13 Pl.H Coy.
Rich*RiflemanF.G Coy.
RichardsC.T.H Coy.
Richards, M or
Richards, S.M.
Lance Corporal14 Pl.H Coy.
Richards, M or
Richards, S.M.
Rifleman16 Pl.H Coy.
RichardsP.G.F Coy.
Richardson*RiflemanC.G Coy.
Richardson*RiflemanF.W.G and H Coy.
wRick*CorporalH.685515416 Pl.H Coy.
wRichie*SergeantA.M.HQH Coy.
wRider*RiflemanG.T.6923489G Coy.
Riley*RiflemanE.G Coy.
Ringrose VoaseCaptainJ.H Coy.
Rischrow*RiflemanF.G Coy.
Risdon*MajorJackJ.M.87689F Coy.
RitchieSergeantF.J.F Coy.
RixA.H Coy.
wRizzi*RiflemanG.E Coy.
RobbshawSergeantE.W.F Coy.
RobertsRiflemanC.A.F Coy.
Roberts*RiflemanEric Frederick GeorgeE.6923807G Coy.Tuesday, 18 July 1944, Hubert Folie (France), age 21.
wRoberts*RiflemanP.20 Pl.E Coy.
Roberts*Lance CorporalW.G Coy.
Roberts*RiflemanWilliam CharlesW.C.685150714 Pl.H Coy.Friday, 8 September 1944, Antwerp (Belgium), age 32.
RobinsonRiflemanA.F Coy.
Robinson*RiflemanJ.G Coy.
Robinson, G.
Robinson, R,
Robinson, S.B.
Rifleman13 Pl.H Coy.
Robinson, G.
Robinson, R,
Robinson, S.B.
Rifleman14 Pl.H Coy.
Robinson, G.
Robinson, R,
Robinson, S.B.
Lance CorporalCoy. HQH Coy.
RobinsonRiflemanW.E Coy.
RobinsonRiflemanW.F Coy.
Rodber*RiflemanThomas AlfredT.A.6923501E Coy.Tuesday, 18 July 1944, Bras (France), age 22.
Rodkoff*RiflemanSoloman / “Russia”SolomanS.691726413 Pl.H Coy.Wednesday, 28 June 1944, Hill 112 (France), age 29.
wRodwell*SergeantP.L.15 Pl.H Coy.
Roe*RiflemanJ.G Coy.
Roffey*Lance CorporalJack MichaelJ.M.1433863913 Pl.H Coy.Friday, 18 August 1944, Putanges (France), age 31.
Rogers*RiflemanA.G Coy.
RogersRiflemanA.D.E Coy.
RogersF.H Coy.
RogersV.T.H Coy.
wRollinson*RiflemanJ.13 Pl.H Coy.
RollsRiflemanL.F Coy.
Rooke*RiflemanJoseph HenryJ.6925041E Coy.Thursday, 29 June 1944, Hill 112 (France), age 22.
wRosier*RiflemanP.6913985HQH Coy.
Ross*Lance CorporalAlan JohnA.J.6208086F Coy.Tuesday, 27 June 1944, Cheux (France), age 24.
RothwellCaptainT.B.U.F Coy.
Rouse*RiflemanA.G Coy.
Rowan*MajorA.P.76140E Coy.
RoweRiflemanR.F Coy.
wRowe*RiflemanR.6923829E Coy.
RoweR.H Coy.
RowlandRiflemanR.E Coy.
Rowlands*CorporalD.G Coy.
Roy*RiflemanF.G Coy.
RuffleyLance CorporalR.E Coy.
wRush*SergeantD.6970366F Coy.
Rush*RiflemanF.G Coy.
wRussel*RiflemanE.6921636F Coy.
RusselRiflemanJ.H.F Coy.
Russel*RiflemanT.W.14430483H Coy.
Ryan*LieutenantGerard ValentineG.V.29677715 Pl.H Coy.Tuesday, 17 October 1944, Deurne-Venray Road (Holland), age 21.
wSabourin*RiflemanA.L.692529514 Pl.H Coy.
SainsburyH Coy.
wSalmon*Lance CorporalJ.691727413 Pl.H Coy.
SalmonRiflemanM.F Coy.
SammetRiflemanErnest AlbertE.A.6915826F Coy.Tuesday, 27 June 1944, Cheux (France), age 24.
SamsCorporalP.F Coy.
SamsonRiflemanS.E Coy.
SamsonCraftsmanW.R.E Coy.
Sandell*CaptainC.F.H.13454HQ Coy.
SandellR.H Coy.
SandemannH Coy.
SandersA.H Coy.
SandersR.H Coy.
wSanders*RiflemanS.692383321 Pl.E Coy.
Sands*RiflemanG.G Coy.
SaundersRiflemanW.E Coy.
Saunders*RiflemanW.C.G Coy.
Saunders*RiflemanW.H.G Coy.
wSavill*RiflemanG.W.15 Pl.H Coy.
ScaifeRiflemanA.F Coy.
ScalesRiflemanC.E Coy.
ScalesC.F.H Coy.
ScammelRiflemanS.E Coy.
Scarborough*CorporalH.E Coy.
SchwarzG.A.H Coy.
ScottRiflemanA.F Coy.
Scott*RiflemanE.G Coy.
Scott*CSMG.A.N/AG Coy.
ScottC/Sgt.H.F Coy.
ScurrahRiflemanR.F Coy.
wSealySergeantW.6969890F Coy.
SearsonRiflemanG.E Coy.
SeawardA.G.H Coy.
Sedgwick*, MCLieutenantPhilipJames PhilipJ.P.226412F Coy.Saturday, 10 March 1945, Tiel (Holland), age 24.
Selby*RiflemanC.G Coy.
SellickRiflemanW.J.F Coy.
Seymour*CorporalAlbert EdmundA.E.69188367 Pl.F Coy.Monday, 26 June 1944, Cheux (France), age 28.
wShannon*RiflemanBobR.692269313 Pl.H Coy.
SharpeRiflemanC.E Coy.
SharpeW.C.H Coy.
wSharwood*Lance CorporalR.15 Pl.H Coy.
ShawC/Sgt.B.F Coy.
Shaw*Lance CorporalRichardR.6923822F Coy.Tuesday, 1 August 1944, Le Beny Bocage (France), age 21.
ShearH Coy.
ShepherdE.W.H Coy.
Shepherd CrossMajorH Coy.
Sheppard*RiflemanW.S.G Coy.
wShort*RiflemanV.16 Pl.H Coy.
Shrimpton*RiflemanW.G Coy.
Shute*RiflemanD.J.G Coy.
wShute*RiflemanE.691974416 Pl.H Coy.
Shutz*, MMCorporalHaroldHarold JackH.J.6923825G Coy.Monday, 18 September 1944, Helchteren, age 21.

or Sildey?
Rifleman15 Pl.H Coy.
wSilver*RiflemanD.15 Pl.H Coy.
SilvermanN.H Coy.
SimmonsRiflemanG.E and H Coy.
Simpson*CorporalL.F.G Coy.
wSims*CorporalM.20 Pl.E Coy.
wSims*RiflemanW.14 Pl.H Coy.
wSingleton*CorporalJ.E Coy.
SinnettRiflemanE.F Coy.
Slater*RiflemanLeslieL.1462169915 Pl.H Coy.Sunday, 10 September 1944, Helchteren (Holland), age 21.
SlatfordLance CorporalK.P.H Coy.
SlomanRiflemanS.E Coy.
wSmee*RiflemanA.18 Pl.E Coy.
SmithLance CorporalA.F Coy.
SmithRiflemanA.F Coy.
Smith*RiflemanA.G Coy.
SmithA.M.H Coy.
SmithCorporalB.F Coy.
wSmith*SergeantC.R.687125613 Pl.E and H Coy.
SmithE.H Coy.
wSmith*RiflemanF.13 Pl.H Coy.
wSmith*RiflemanJ.F.691517015 Pl.H Coy.
wSmith*RiflemanJ.R.634849116 Pl.H Coy.
Smith*RiflemanReginaldR.692383216 Pl.H Coy.Friday, 18 August 1944, Putanges (France), age 22.
SmithR.A.P.H Coy.
wSmithL/Sgt.R.G.T.6969852F Coy.
Smith*RiflemanRonald WalterR.W.689842315 Pl.H Coy.Friday, 18 August 1944, Putanges (France), age 24.
SmithRiflemanS.F Coy.
wSmithRiflemanT.692383321 Pl.E Coy.
Smith*RiflemanT.G Coy.
wSmith*W.C.14408480H Coy.
Smithers*RiflemanG Coy.
Smython*Lance CorporalG Coy.
Snaith*RiflemanJamesJ.6922435G Coy.Monday, 31 July 1944, St. Martin des Besaces (France), age 39.
Snell*RiflemanMorris GeorgeM.G.6924683G Coy.Monday, 31 July 1944, St. Martin des Besaces (France), age 21.
SpallC.E.H Coy.
wSparks*Corporal20 Pl.E Coy.
wSpencer*RiflemanS.G.6925307HQH Coy.
wSpong*SergeantC.E Coy.
Squires*RiflemanH.G Coy.
StammersRiflemanJ.E Coy.
Stanford (ACC)SergeantA.F Coy.
StanleySergeantH.F Coy.
StarkeyS.R.H Coy.
wStavitskyRiflemanS.6923842F Coy.
SteddyRiflemanWilliam AlfredW.A.692356015 Pl.H Coy.Thursday, 29 June 1944, Hill 112 (France), age 22.
wSteeleRiflemanA.692384421 Pl.E Coy.
SteerCaptainC.F Coy.
StephensSergeantR.E Coy.
StevensA.H Coy.
StevensRiflemanR.E and H Coy.
StewardLance CorporalF.F Coy.
StiffLance CorporalS.E Coy.
wStileman*, Polish Silver Cross of MeritLieutenantDavidD.M.27741811 Pl.G Coy.
wStokes*Rifleman18 Pl.E Coy.
StoneCorporalR.C.16 Pl.F and H Coy.
Stonell, MML/Sgt.H.F Coy.
wStorer*RiflemanS.692393320 Pl.E Coy.
Stormont*F.W.13 Pl.H Coy.
Straine-Francis*RiflemanT.G Coy.
wStraker*, MCCaptainJohnnyJ.J.155746HQH Coy.
StranksC.H Coy.
Stratton*RiflemanA.E.G Coy.
Stringer* (KRRC)CaptainHughH.138927E Coy.Friday, 20 October 1944, Leunen (Holland), age 26.
Strivens*RiflemanE.G Coy.
Strudwick*RiflemanLeonard CharlesL.C.685730516 Pl.H Coy.Sunday, 10 September 1944, Helchteren (Holland), age 29.
StubbinsRiflemanC.A.F Coy.
wStudd*RiflemanD.16 Pl.H Coy.
StumpSergeantA.H.F Coy.
Sudlow*LieutenantDonaldD.L.289092… Pl.G Coy.39, Holcombe Road, Ilford, Essex
wSuggars*RiflemanF.P.15 Pl.H Coy.
Suter*CorporalG.L.G Coy.
Sutherland*Lance CorporalE.J.G Coy.
SuttonA.H Coy.
wSutton*RiflemanL.E Coy.
Sutton*RiflemanL.D.G Coy.
Sutton*RiflemanBillW.J.13 Pl.H Coy.
Swainsbury*Lance CorporalW.G Coy.
SwanRiflemanC.F Coy.
Swanwick*LieutenantTimothy KennethT.K.79678816 Pl.H Coy.Friday, 6 April 1945, Stolzenau (Germany), age 20.
Sweetman*RiflemanErnest Edward SamuelE.E.S.692385019 Pl.E Coy.Thursday, 29 June 1944, Hill 112 (France), age 21.
wSwetman*RiflemanR.6971258F Coy.
TaboneyRiflemanJ.E Coy.
TaffsRiflemanH.F Coy.
wTalbot*RiflemanAlbertA.20 Pl.E Coy.
wTalbot*CorporalJ.E Coy.
Talbot*RiflemanWilliam JamesW.J.6925069E Coy.Friday, 18 August 1944, Putanges, age 22.
TaperellF.W.H Coy.
TaplinRiflemanA.F Coy.
TaplinH.H Coy.
Tatman*RiflemanGeorge WilliamG.W.6348495F Coy.Tuesday, 27 June 1944, Cheux (France).
TauntonCSME.E Coy.
TaylorRiflemanA.E Coy.
Taylor*SergeantArthur WalterA.W.6969359HQH Coy.Thursday, 29 June 1944, Hill 112 (France), age 24.
TaylorRiflemanD.E Coy.
TaylorRiflemanG.E Coy.
TaylorRiflemanG.F Coy.
Taylor*, MM (RAChD)Padre, CaptainJefferysHenry Jefferys LeighH.J.L.188501N/AN/ASaturday, 23 September 1944, age 31.
TaylorRiflemanW.F Coy.
wTeanby*CorporalF.6923937E Coy.
wTedder*CSME.6912941F and G Coy.
Telford*SergeantR.A.G Coy.
Terront*RiflemanF.G Coy.
TewleyRiflemanL.E Coy.
Thirkell*RiflemanT.G Coy.
ThomasRiflemanC.F Coy.

not clear if it was E.T. or E.W. Thompson was wounded
RiflemanE.T.E Coy.
ThompsonRiflemanE.W.E Coy.
Thompson*RiflemanR.G Coy.
ThomsonR.H Coy.
wThorley*RiflemanH.15 Pl.H Coy.
ThorogoodR.H.H Coy.
ThurleyW.H Coy.
TierneyCorporalD.F.F Coy.
TitmussLance CorporalV.E Coy.
TitterellA.H Coy.
Todd*RiflemanJ.G Coy.
wTogen*Rifleman17 Pl.E Coy.
TompkinsSergeantE.E Coy.
wTongeRiflemanW.6348497E Coy.
Torkington (ACC)CorporalG.E Coy.
TovellLance CorporalC.E Coy.
TowellRiflemanR.F Coy.
TowlerLance CorporalJ.F Coy.
Town*RiflemanNormanNorman HazlehurstN.H.6969606E Coy.Friday, 4 August 1944, Presles (France), age 24.
Townshend*CaptainHarryH.R.88661HQ Coy.
TranthumD.H Coy.
TraslerC/Sgt.J.F Coy.
TreadawayRiflemanD.E Coy.
Tricker*RiflemanK.H.6 Pt.F Coy.
wTriggs*, MMSergeantStanleyS.T.696905813 Pl.H Coy.
Trounson*LieutenantW.E.F.314779E Coy.
wTuffin*RiflemanE.J.14 Pl.H Coy.
Turner*RiflemanBill / “Wog”Bernard FrancisB.F.696900013 Pl.H Coy.Wednesday, 28 June 1944, Hill 112 (France), age 30.

Turner, J.R.
Turner, J.W.
Rifleman14 Pl.H Coy.

Turner, J.R.
Turner, J.W.
H Coy.
Turner*Corporal“Wag”R.W.13 Pl.H Coy.
wTurner*RiflemanS.C.15 Pl.H Coy.
TurnerT.H Coy.
TurnstillE.H Coy.
TylerLance CorporalJ.F Coy.
wUnwin*RiflemanA.14 Pl.H Coy.
UptonRiflemanC.E Coy.
Van OsCorporalH.E Coy.
VanspallO.H Coy.
wVass*RiflemanA.15 Pl.H Coy.
VenningRiflemanV.E Coy.
Vernon*RiflemanC.E and G Coy.
wVicary*CorporalNormanW.J.13 Pl.H Coy.
Vickers*RiflemanWilliam ThomasW.T.525589215 Pl.H Coy.Monday, 31 July 1944, St. Martin des Besaces (France), age 29.
VictoryRiflemanF.F Coy.
VilliersRiflemanW.E Coy.
Vodden*ArthurA.H Coy.
Voss*CSMHenry Osborne StuartH.O.S.6561642F Coy.Tuesday, 27 June 1944, Cheux (France), age 38.
Vries*, deN/AS.F Coy.
WadeSergeantB.E Coy.
WaiteA.H Coy.
wWalker*RiflemanC.16 Pl.H Coy.
WalkerRiflemanJ.F Coy.
WalkerRiflemanK.F Coy.
Walker*RiflemanM.G Coy.
WalkerT.H Coy.
WalkerCorporalW.F Coy.
WalklettRiflemanA.E Coy.
WallLance CorporalH.F Coy.
WaltersRiflemanB.F Coy.
wWanstallRiflemanF.6912582F Coy.
WardT.D.H Coy.
Ward*RiflemanT.E.G Coy.
WardW.R.H Coy.
WardenRiflemanF Coy.
WareingRiflemanJ.E Coy.
wWarrenRiflemanB.21 Pl.E Coy.
wWarrington*RiflemanC.14 Pl.H Coy.
Wasmuth*CorporalA.G Coy.
Watcham*RiflemanK.G Coy.
WaterhouseH.F.H Coy.
Watkin*RiflemanDonaldD.14664888E Coy.Wednesday, 23 August 1944, Laigle (France), age 20.
WatkinsRiflemanH.F Coy.
WatlingR.H Coy.
Watson*RiflemanDonald JosephD.J.6923947F Coy.Wednesday, 19 July 1944, Bras (France), age 21.
Watson*C/Sgt.F.J.F and H Coy.
WatsonRiflemanIanI.6923948F Coy.Monday, 26 June 1944, Cheux (France), age 21.
WatsonJ.H Coy.
Watson (REME)J.F Coy.
Watts*RiflemanC.L.G Coy.
WearonCorporalJ.F Coy.
Webb*RiflemanC.F and G Coy.
Webster*RiflemanEricE.6923949F Coy.Wednesday, 2 August 1944, Presles (France), age 21.
wWebster*RiflemanH.14 Pl.H Coy.
wWeintrop*RiflemanM.18 Pl.E Coy.
wWells*RiflemanJ.6923950F Coy.
Wells*SergeantRonaldR.6920035F Coy.Friday, 5 January 1945, Bure (Belgium), age 29.
wWest*RiflemanG.F Coy.
West*RiflemanW.H.G Coy.
wWestle*Lance CorporalFrankF.S.13 Pl.H Coy.
Westwood*RiflemanE.G Coy.
WestwoodW.T.H Coy.
Wheatley*RiflemanJoseph George HenryJ.G.H.692362416 Pl.H Coy.Wednesday, 19 July 1944, Caen (France), age 23.
WheelerL.H Coy.
WheelerL.H.H Coy.
WheelerS.A.H Coy.
wWhiddett*Lance CorporalE.18 Pl.E Coy.
wWhitaker*, MCLieutenantT.A.A.296779F Coy.
wWhitaker*SergeantW.K.6969560G Coy.
White*, MMSergeantA.G Coy.
White*Lance CorporalC.G Coy.
WhiteG.H.H Coy.
wWhite*J.18 Pl.E Coy.
WhiteJ.H Coy.
WhiteP.H Coy.
wWhitmarsh*RiflemanGeorgeGeorge JamesG.J.685466013 Pl.H Coy.
Whittaker*SergeantG Coy.
WhymarkRiflemanR.E and H Coy.
Wickham*SergeantVictor LeslieV.L.6852348G Coy.Friday, 6 April 1945, Stolzenau (Germany), age 32.
Wicks*RiflemanFrederick GeorgeF.G.69236327 Pl.F Coy.Monday, 26 June 1944 Cheux (France), age 22.
WicksonJ.E.H Coy.
wWigginsLance CorporalG.J.6971173F Coy.
WightmanJ.S.H Coy.
WilbourneRiflemanH.F Coy.
Wildish*RiflemanRoyRoy VictorR.V.6923634
Wilkin*RiflemanR.J.G Coy.
Willans*CorporalH.G Coy.
Willcox*, MC (RAMC)CaptainMichaelJ.M.171200N/AHQ Coy.
WilkinsH.H Coy.
WilkinsonCorporalE.E Coy.
Williams*RiflemanCecil VernonC.V.6923636E Coy.Monday, 14 August 1944, Flers (France), age 22.
Williams*RiflemanE.G Coy.
Williams, F. or
Williams, J.L.
Lance Corporal16 Pl.H Coy.
Williams, F. or
Williams, J.L.
H Coy.
wWilliams*RiflemanM.692363713 Pl.H Coy.
Williamson*RiflemanL.E.J.G Coy.

Name as in CWGC-register. (name in TP: H . Willis).
RiflemanEdwin HenryE.H.6916580G Coy.Sunday, 29 April 1945, Winsen (Germany), age 28.
WillsRiflemanE.F Coy.
Wilson*CorporalD.G and H Coy.
wWilson*RiflemanG.6923637F Coy.
wWilson*RiflemanJ.6971167E Coy.
WilsonLieutenantK.C.L.E Coy.
WilsonRiflemanR.F Coy.
wWilson*Rifleman“Chug”R.696906013 Pl.H Coy.
WilsonRiflemanT.F Coy.
Wiltshire*RiflemanFrederickF.6923881F Coy.Tuesday, 27 June 1944, Cheux (France), age 21.
Windsor*RiflemanT.G Coy.
WinshesterLance CorporalA.R.F Coy.
WinshipR.H Coy.
WinterbourneT.H Coy.
Winton*RiflemanC.18 Pl.E Coy.
wWitchell*CorporalA.15 Pl.H Coy.

Name as in CWGC-register (name given in TP: K. W a lton).
RiflemanKenneth Ernest WilliamK.E.W.1444322712 Pl.G Coy.Tuesday, 10 April 1945, Steinbeke (Germany), age 19.
WoodRiflemanA.F Coy.
Wood*RiflemanGeorgeG.F Coy.
wWoodRiflemanR.6923883F Coy.
WoodT.H Coy.
WoodhallRiflemanD.F Coy.
wWoods*RiflemanL.H.692364615 Pl.H Coy.
Woodward*SergeantJ.6 Pt.F Coy.
WoodwardRiflemanJ.L.F Coy.
WoolridgeJ.H Coy.
WordsworthG.H Coy.
WrightRiflemanC.E Coy.
Wright*RiflemanV.13 Pl.H Coy.
WrigleyCorporalA.E Coy.
WyldeW.M.H Coy.
wYeldham*RiflemanJ.692365416 Pl.H Coy.
Yetman*, MCLieutenantEricEric Robert CharlesE.R.C.265760… Pl.G Coy.Monday, 9 April 1945, Steinbeke (Germany), age 21.
YoungH.R.H Coy.
Young*SergeantH.G Coy.
wYoxenCorporalH.6915844E Coy.