8th Rifle Brigade - from Normandy to the Baltic - June 1944 - May 1945


Nominal strength (or ‘War Establishment’) of 8th Battalion The Rifle Brigade consisted of 38 officers (lieutenants and above) and 816 other ranks (sergeant, corporals, lance corporals and riflemen).

The battalion as a whole was divided in five companies:

  • HQ Company: a company of 99 officers and men, attached to and for supporting the battalion’s head quarters.
  • E Company: a support company of 198 officers and men, delivering heavy weapon support to F, G and H Companies. E Company was divided in five platoons, of which three were Anti-Tank platoons (equipped with 6-pounder A/Tk. guns) and two were MMG platoons (equipped with water-cooled Vickers .303 Medium Machine Guns).
  • F, G and H Company: mobile infantry companies (or ‘motor companies’) with a strength of 175 officers and men each. Each company consisted of one scout (reconnaissance) platoon (in Bren Carriers) and three mobile infantry platoons (using International Harvester half-tracks).
Each platoon consisted of anything between 29 to 43 men and was itself divided again into three sections.

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Chart Bn - 230319a
Chart E Coy - 230319a
Chart F Coy - 230319
Chart G Coy - 230319
Chart H Coy - 230319