8th Rifle Brigade - from Normandy to the Baltic - June 1944 - May 1945


Some information on the book, this website and other activities.

16 January 2019: launching of website www.8thriflebrigade.co.uk, aimed at sharing and collecting information on the 8th Rifle Brigade. 

18 March 2019: release of ‘With the 8th Rifle Brigade from Normandy to the Baltic’! Book available at: www.tredition.co.uk

18 March 2019: first copies sold on internet.

30 March 2019: now also available through Amazon or through your local book shop!

2 April 2019: first hard cover copies arrived today!

12 April 2019: first reviews, on ‘www.WW2Talk.com’:

  • ‘Your book arrived today, and I am already a massive fan. I’m only a little way in (still at Hill 112) but finding it enormously interesting, moving and inspiring. Great work, and an enormously refreshing perspective. Once I am finished, I will post more, but in the meantime, many congratulations. I wish you lots of succes.’
  • ‘Just received your book, it looks great and it’s just the kind of book I love: complete first hand account! Looking forward to starting it!’

24 April to 24 May 2019: some further comment on book and website:

  • ‘I have just received my copy of your book. It is fabulous. Loads of interesting details. Thanks also for putting up the pictures and information of my uncle Albert Lee. We are very proud of him. Keep up the good work, the web site is awesome.’
  • ‘I’m actually deep into your book, and I must say this is one of the best accounts I have ever read, such a great read!’
  • ‘Just reading the book “with the 8th R B Normandy to the Baltic” very good Book. I live in the Town next to Schleswig, where the Brigade ended up.’

3 June 2019: ‘Book of the Month’ June 2019, at tredition.co.uk.

19 July 2019: Website www.8thriflebrigade.co.uk added to British Library UK Web Archive. A ‘capture’ of the website gets archived a few times per year, to be kept for future use, even if the original website should disappear. Although BL’s search engine is still not functioning properly, the ‘captures’ may be viewed at https://www.webarchive.org.uk/wayback/en/archive/*?url=http%3A%2F%2F8thriflebrigade.co.uk%2F

20 July 2019: received on loan a wonderful collection of photos and other documents for research and future publishing on 8th Rifle Brigade website.

20 to 22 October 2019: further great comment on book and website:

  • ‘One of the best book I know.’
  • ‘Interesting story, runs parallel with my Dad in the Royal Engineers. A good read.’
  • We have returned from our visit. We had an amazing tour, assisted so much by your book and maps [from the website]. We visited Juno, Creully, Hill 112, Pegasus Bridge and the Western edge of the Falaise Pocket… Once again, thank you. Your book has been invaluable.’

November 2019: now also available at the Royal Green Jackets museum shop, Winchester:

15 January 2020 and later: very happy about some further comment:

  • ‘My father commanded F Company, as you probably know. Enjoyed the book, by the way. I’m passing my copy around the family.’
  • ‘A great first hand account. It is definitely worth a read. Martin B.’
  • ‘The book is brilliant. I really enjoy reading it. It is a must have.’

10 October 2020: ‘With the 8th Rifle Brigade from Normandy to the Baltic’ recommended in French ‘Bataille de Normandie 1944’ magazine:

17 June 2021: live presentation for WW2TV about the 8th Rifle Brigade in Normandy. To watch, click photo below:

29 March 2022: second live presentation for WW2TV, about the 8th Rifle Brigade in Germany. To watch, click photo below:

12 May 2022: ‘With the 8th Rifle Brigade from Normandy to the Baltic’ quoted in Peter Hart’s book on the 2nd Fyfe and Forfar Yeomanry, ‘Burning Steel’: